Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Free VST - Mr. Tramp 2

MrTramp2 is one fine VST and is the sequel of GSi's previous plugin “MrTramp”, a physical modeling simulation of the soulful Wurlitzer(TM) 200A Electric Piano.

There is not much to say about this except that it is one of the best emulations I have ever heard and have added it to my tool kit as a goto sound for adding emotional and meaningful sounds to my songs.

This plugin is made by GSi Genuine Soundware and Instruments and runs on both PC and Mac OSX.

MrTramp2 is FREEWARE. It's supplied "AS IS", there is no warranty and no technical support. You can use it in your commercial music projects without limitations, redistribute it under any form (web, magazine...) at NO charge provided the original archive is not altered. It is fully functional under all of its aspects and no limitations of any kind are applied. The author may not be held responsible for whatever may result as a consequence of its usage.

Download MrTramp2 now for PC and OSX